Car Hire For Events

Special events require special treatment. If you are planning a function and would like to rent a luxury car to reach the occasion in style, there are car accommodations for events available across the England.

If you have an occasion planned such as a  wedding,  graduating,  birthday,  sports or a show that you want to attend, hiring a car for the function is fun and will make the event all that more unforgettable. There are car rentals for the event available in every major city in the United Kingdom.

 Carltonlinkuk is the leading unique rental-car company offering services for:

  • Wedding Car Hire
  • Exotic Car Hire for Events
  • Exotic Car Hire for Photoshoots
  • Private Travel Hire

We offer Hire-car for various types of special, activities and high-class vehicles for events. Our vehicles will be cleaned and assured to be in a great running situation before we hand the key over to you. If you have a future occasion and would like to lease from us, call us today.

With the biggest fleet of luxurious cars for choice, Carltonlinkuk definitely has the right car for the right occasion